Damaris Media was contracted by StudioCanal to promote Silence within the faith market (7.6 million adult Christians in the UK).


TOTAL REACH = 3,112,594



We achieved a total reach of over 3 million people through print, online, email and social media promotion. This represents 40% of UK churchgoers.

We created resources tailored specifically to the needs of the target markets, including an 8-page Church Discussion and Reflection Guide – published online; 500 copies printed - timed for use in the run-up to and over the Christmas period.


We promoted the film and resources to key members of the target markets both directly and through partner organisations:


  • We built a film-branded advance-notice website at silence.damarismedia.com


  • We published the promotional assets listed above on this website as they were created


  • We secured attendance of key influencers at preview screenings, gathering endorsements for use in further promotion


We ran a promotion campaign for the film and resources to and through appropriate community press and community organisations which serve the target market, as well as key influencers within the target market. This promotion included:

  • Writing and placing articles in key faith press and community websites/blogs


  • Securing reviews in key faith press


  • Telephone, email and web campaign to gain promotion from key influencers and community groups within the target market – such as news items in print and electronic newsletters, on websites and social media

  • Email and web campaign to and through our own Damaris membership


  • Social media campaign to members of the target market.

Establishing a partnership with key religious persecution organisation CSW enabled us to produce a discussion and reflection guide around the themes of the film.


We also engaged with key Roman Catholic press, securing coverage in titles such as Catholic Herald, Catholic Charismatic Renewal and Independent Catholic News.


We placed reviews and editorial in 12 print and online faith publications, along with TV and radio coverage via Premier Christian Radio and Revelation TV.


"The Damaris resources are very well written and beautifully put together. I would recommend them for use in any parish, school or youth group. I found the resources accompanying Scorsese's 'Silence' particularly helpful myself and was glad I had seen them before I went to the film.  Silence is a complex movie, dealing with some very difficult issues. The Damaris resources deal with these well."

- Jo Siedlecka, Editor, Independent Catholic News

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