Damaris Media was contracted by Paramount Pictures UK to promote Ben-Hur primarily within the faith market (7.6 million adult Christians in the UK), with a secondary market of the general youth populations (3.98 million people aged 15-19 in the UK).


TOTAL REACH = 5,055,850



We achieved a total reach of just over 5 million people through print, online, email and social media promotion. This represents 65% of UK churchgoers and 8% of the entire UK population including young people.

We created resources tailored specifically to the needs of the target markets, including:


  • 16-page Church Discussion and Reflection Guide – published online; 5,000 copies printed

  • 16-page Youth Activity Pack – published online; 2,000 copies printed

  • Vox pops video

  • Two video featurettes for churches and youth groups

  • Promotional postcard

  • Banner adverts.


We promoted the film and resources to key members of the target markets both directly and through partner organisations:


  • We built a film-branded advance-notice website at benhur.damarismedia.com


  • We published the promotional assets listed above on this website as they were created

  • We ran five preview screenings for key leaders in the faith market, gathering endorsements for use in further promotion.

We ran a promotion campaign for the film and resources to and through appropriate community press and community organisations which serve the target market, as well as key influencers within the target market. This promotion included:

  • Writing and placing articles in key faith press and community websites/blogs


  • Securing reviews in key faith press

  • Securing showing of appropriate videos at key live events and conferences


  • Telephone, email and web campaign to gain promotion from key influencers and community groups within the target markets – such as news items in print and electronic newsletters, on websites and social media

  • Email and web campaign to and through our own Damaris membership

  • Social media campaign to members of the target market.

We also secured discounted paid-for advertising and other promotional activities (e.g. helping cinemas to incentivise faith group bookings).

The vox pops video and trailer were played and the resources discussed on RevelationTV's flagship "Church without Walls" programme (104,000 online reach per month, plus unknown satellite reach).

The faith special was hosted on UCB's video-on-demand player (28,500 reach) and published on the websites of both the Evangelical Alliance (30,000 online reach) and Christian Today (46,200 online reach).

The special sizzle reel, with a personal introduction from producer Roma Downey, was shown at:

  • Christian Resources Exhibition - 10,000 attendees

  • Big Church Day Out - 25,000 attendees

  • The Gathering - 2,000 attendees

  • New Wine - 24,000 attendees.

We placed reviews in 11 faith publications (2.97million reach) and editorial in 9 further faith publications (616,000 reach).

We secured discounted paid advertising in four faith press outlets, with reach totalling 563,000 across print, online, radio and television.

In addition we brokered a sponsorship deal between Paramount US and Hillsong, which provided coverage of Ben-Hur at the Hillsong Global Conferences in London, New York and Sydney reaching over 40,000 in the faith markets in the UK, USA and Australia.


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